Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Air Master Information

Demographic: Seinen

Genre: Fighting

The series begins as Maki meets, defends, and befriends a group of girls her own age. The next day, she is surprised to discover that most of those girls go to the same high school that she has just transferred to.

In most episodes, Maki somehow ends up fighting one of the local streetfighters. As time goes on, she and her friends find out more and more about the mysterious “Fukamichi Rankings”, where fighters earn reputation and money, so many of them are trying to strive for the top. Eventually, Maki joins the tournament for thrills, and fights ever-stronger opponents, while many of her previous opponents vainly try to match her progress, including some would-be suitors. Her battles would eventually lead to the Fukamichi Ranking’s No. 1, The Eternal.

Another focus of the series is Maki’s past; since Maki herself is reluctant to speak about it, details of her past as a famous gymnast and her relationship with her parents are revealed slowly through flashbacks and dreams.

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