Monday, April 28, 2008

Black cat episode 24

this is the finale. train, Sven and the others have done everything so that the scanners Eden as the Chronos numbers and all other fighting against zero and the numbers of monsters of Eden train and head straight to Sven eve where is held, but even when the powers of Eden is unlimited and very powerful to face is still fighting all to protect their freedom to save their world and freedom of their future with the fight against train their past and try to untangle that connects eve Sven and all the fighting monsters that created the black cat Eden can train heartnet free of all Eden and free the world from the end of this evil, I want to thank the people of caricature in the world to make this anime and I thank you all for this loveing anime and so here is the last episode 24 episode of the anime black cat in English dub.

Black cat episode 23

train, Sven, tearju & rinslet position at the place where they sleep and obtained the help of sweepers, the number chrnos everybody and they know how to overcome the numbers zero, stop the project EDEN and save the world but they must get inside the first EDEN and connected with Eve in Eden, it will not be easy as the Eden Project is now head of another city to absorb more people can chat and other black find a way to enter EDEN before she joined the city, so here is episode 23 of a black cat English dub.